Galos Chicken : Clucking Into the Future

Website Development & Social Media Management

The challenge

Once upon a time, Galos Chicken had a website that was, unfortunately, as bland as unseasoned chicken. It was outdated, not user-friendly, lacked images, and didn’t tell the brand story of this beloved establishment.

The strategy

Our team revamped their online presence with a fresh new website that showcased what we like to call a visual feast!


Services we offered

Social Media Management

  • Detailed Captions
  • In-House Photography
  • Running Contests

Website Development

  • Visual Menu Page
  • Online Ordering
  • UX/UI Interface

Our Results

High Quality Images

Better Online Menu

Increased Online Orders

  • Navigation was simplified, making online ordering seamless.
  • A pop-up option was added for customers to order from popular third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, GrubHub, and SkiptheDishes.
  • Brand storytelling took the spotlight, giving visitors a glimpse into the history, passion, and love that goes into every dish served at Galos Chicken.
  • High-quality images of their food were featured so customers knew exactly what they were going to get when visiting Galos.

The transformation generated impressive results, with an increase in online orders, longer time on site, and customer satisfaction.